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    Motorized Treadmill inSPORTline inCondi T5000i is a professional running belt designed for commercial use, offering many functional and safety features such as a high quality computer with backlit LCD display, highly reliable engine with the power of 5.0HP, incline mechanism adjustable in 22 levels and massive hard-plastic reinforcements along the running area. This treadmill allows connection to tablet or iPad via Bluetooth technology and iRunning+, an application through which you can run on premade routes. You can watch the course of the route on device’s display with Street View on Google Maps. The app also enables the adjustment of all settings through the tablet/iPad.

    The backlit LCD display shows useful information such as training speed, time, distance, heart rate or burned calories. Other advantages of inSPORTline inCondi T5000i are the silent run of motor, handlebar pulse sensors, speed adjustable up to 22km/h and levelling system. The robust construction with the running area of 155x53cm and weight capacity of 200kg ensures high durability of the machine. The treadmill is equipped with noise protection system and SAS shock-absorbing system. To provide maximum safety, treadmill inSPORTline inCondi T5000i includes a safety key, which automatically stops the belt in case of collision. The exercise computer is designed to provide the most accurate information about your training, offering 99 preset programs, 12 user programs and a manual program, through which you can adjust the treadmill according to your actual needs. For improved comfort the controlling panel contains a holder for electronic devices or books.

    Motorized Treadmill inSPORTline inCondi T5000i also features body fat measurement function. If you hold the handlebar pulse sensors or use a chest belt (not included), you can measure your body fat index (BMI) in a moment. Due to all these features and high quality construction Motorized Treadmill inSPORTline inCondi T5000i has become a popular and widely sought after treadmill for commercial, professional use.

    Key attributes:

    • maximally efficient and reliable AC motor
    • user-friendly controls
    • a number of programs
    • robust frame with durable coating
    • support along the entire running deck made of hardened plastic
    • safety side rails with anti-slip surface
    • USB and SD input
    • 3.5 mm audio input and loudspeakers
    • HRC program: this machine can increase or decrease the resistance to keep your heart rate in optimal heart rate zone
    • computer displays: time, speed, distance, heart rate frequency, calories


    Technical description:

    motor output 4.5 HP
    running deck dimensions 150 x 54 cm
    inclination electronic
    number of inclination levels 22
    maximum inclination 4.5° (7.87 %)
    speed 1 - 22 km/h
    suitable for walking maximum 2 hours of continuous walking at speeds below 6 km / h
    then a pause of at least 10 minutes
    total number of programs 113
    pre-set programs 99
    user programs 12
    HRC program yes
    manual program yes
    heart rate frequency sensors yes
    bottle holder yes
    tablet holder yes
    transport wheels no
    system to compensate uneven floor yes
    suspension Shock Absorbing System
    safety key ano
    chest strap receiver ano
    chest strap included no
    audio input yes
    folding frame no
    dimensions h125 cm x w84 cm x l205 cm
    dimensions while folded ***
    weight limit 200 kg
    weight 152 kg
    power input 220V, 230V
    category S (according to EN957)
    use commercial, club, home

    Programs and iRunning app+ possibilities:

    • Quick start
    • 20 programs with preset speed and incline
    • Manual program for setting time, distance and calories
    • Adjustable user programs with memory
    • HRC program for pulse monitoring
    • GYM center – iRoute: premade routes via Google Earth and Street View and favorite routes function; running deck elevation adjusts to the course of the route
    • Sharing of exercise data on Facebook and/or Twitter possible
    • Exercise data memory

    iRunning+ application requirements:

    • Android: tablet, display resolution 1280*752 and higher (10"+), Android 4.0 tablet and higher, Bluetooth
    • iOS: iPads only, 5.0 and higher
    • Wi-Fi internet connection


    Highly durable construction

    Durability, which is ensured by the steel construction and hard-plastic side reins, represents the main feature of inCodi T5000i.


    Great stability and high weight capacity

    Massive construction with levelling system provides a high level of stability. Weight capacity of 200 is thus reasonable.

    Rich in functions

    This treadmill offers preset programs with different route profiles, FAT function for body fat measurement, HRC program, which automatically adjusts the load according to the actual heart rate, and 12 user programs for time-saving.

    Tablet connection

    iRunning+ application represents one of the main advantages. This application allows you to adjust the training programs, save exercise data, share the exercise data on social networks and watch actual performance (heart rate, distance, etc.).

    Run anywhere in the world

    The iRunning+ application allows the setting of premade routes via Google Maps. You can run e.g. on the streets of Paris or Miami. During the training you can
    view real pictures of the route via Street View. Desk elevation adjusts to the actual terrain, making the run more enjoyable and real. See the whole world from the comfort of your home!



    A high level of comfort, essential even for running on a treadmill, is ensured by improvements such as a touch control panel, practical fan or audio speakres for playing MP3s stored on your mobile phone.