Elektrinis sulankstomas paspirtukas City Boss RX5 White

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    City Boss
    16 kg
    24 mėn.
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  • The E-Scooter City Boss RX5 White is perfect not only for riding to work/school, but also for in-town riding and all kinds of trips. The safe folding mechanism allows you to fold/unfold the scooter in 5 seconds. Since the scooter only weighs 16kg, it not only fits into a car, but you can also take it with you when you are riding on a train or a bus/tram. Moreover, its compact size also makes it easy to store.

    The 500W maintenance-free motor smoothly accelerates even with a load heavier than 100kg and will take you up a steep hill. 

    By pushing the button on the display, you can switch between 3 max speed limitation modes. When you turn the scooter on, the mode that was last in use is active: Slow – ca. 20 km/h – suitable for children or when riding in adverse weather; Medium – ca. 25 km/h – comfortable traveling speed which adheres to the road speed limit; Fast – ca. 35 km/h – suitable for bicycle paths, saving your time. The cruise control will come in handy during longer trips as the scooter maintains current speed without your having to push the throttle lever down all the time. It can be turned off on the display. 

    The 13Ah Li-Ion battery recharges to full capacity in 5 to 7 hours. All you have to do is plug the portable power supply adaptor in a 220V socket. During normal operation, the scooter’s distance range on a single charge is 35km. Therefore, you do not have to recharge it during shorter trips. However, the distance range can differ as it depends on the user’s weight, terrain, riding style, outside temperature, etc. If necessary, you can move the scooter forward by pushing off the ground (i.e. the motor does not have to be on). 

    Easy-to-read both in direct sunlight and at night, the transflective display allows you to follow all the important information, such as battery status, current speed, riding time and distance covered. Moreover, the USB port at the back of the display allows you to charge your phone/tablet during the ride or when you stop (using the 2-hour timer).

    Powered by the central battery, both the front and rear lights can be turned on by pushing a button on the handlebars. Also on the handlebars is the button for activating the horn. You can stop the scooter using the rear disc brake

    Made of aviation aluminum, the frame allows for a weight limit of 120kg. The length-adjustable handlebars with ergonomic grips make the scooter suitable for 150-210cm tall users. For safety reasons, this scooter is only suitable for users aged 16 and older. The 48cm-long and 15cm-wide deck allows you to ride with your feet side by side.

    8” in diameter, the tires (the front is inflatable while the rear non-inflatable) can deal with bumps on the road while the durable spring shock absorbers on both wheels absorb shocks and vibrations. The wheels are protected by fenders.

    The E-Scooter City Boss RX5 White is a scooter for a new, ecologically friendly world. This technologically sophisticated scooter will turn each ride into an extraordinary experience!


    Technical description:

    Frame material

    Aviation aluminum

    Battery type


    Operating voltage

    48 V


    Brushless, DC motor

    Max incline

    9.5° (17%)

    Motor power

    500 W

    Battery capacity

    13 Ah / 48 V

    Max speed

    35 km/h

    Distance range on single charge

    35 km

    Charging time

    5-7 hrs

    Weight limit

    120 kg


    16 kg

    Tire size

    8" (20.3 cm)

    Tire type

    Front inflatable, rear non-inflatable


    Rear disc

    3 speed modes

    20 / 25 / 30 km/h

    Recommended age


    Recommended user height

    150-210 cm

    Handlebar height

    88-115 cm

    Handlebar width

    52 cm

    Deck width

    15 cm

    Deck length

    48 cm

    Deck top height

    14 cm

    Deck light height

    7 cm

    Unfolded dimensions

    115 x 52 x 109 cm

    Folded dimensions

    100 x 22 x 35 cm

    Cruise control

    Multifunctional transflective display powered by central battery


    Front/rear LED light powered by central battery

    USB port for phone/tablet charging – powered by central battery

    Folding mechanism



    Front shock absorber

    Rear shock absorber

    Comes with charger