Elektrinis sulankstomas paspirtukas Joyor X1 White

  • Kodas: 6772-J1052
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    Likutis: 20 vnt.
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    13 kg
    24 mėn.
    Pristatymo data

    The E-Scooter Joyor X1 White is perfect not only for riding to school/work, but it will also come in handy on vacation. Thanks to its light weight (13.5kg) and simple folding mechanism, the scooter can be easily removed from the trunk of a car, or carried onto the train/bus. The 350W engine makes this scooter suitable for up to 85kg users. Moreover, it also makes it suitable for uphill riding. The top speed on a flat road is 35kph. In order to prevent power loss, the chainless engine is built into the rear wheel. As a result, you do not have to worry about cleaning and adjusting the chain anymore.

    The Li-Ion battery with no memory effect charges to full capacity in 4-5 hours. The distance range on a single charge is 35km. This makes the scooter suitable even for longer rides. The battery is electronically protected against overcharging/undercharging. You can easily recharge it using the compact charger (included).

    The E-Scooter Joyor X1 White has 3 speed modes, making it suitable for 10+-year-old children. Since the engine is activated after the first push-off (i.e. the scooter needs to be in motion), you do not have to worry about accidentally starting the engine. You can follow all the important information on a backlit LCD display. The front and rear lights allow you to ride after dark. The rear light is also a break light.

    The wide deck allows you to ride with your feet side by side. The handlebars with adjustable height and a locking groove make this scooter suitable for up to 200cm-tall people. Made of lightweight but durable aerospace aluminum, the frame allows for a 120kg weight limit. The 25.4cm inflatable tires dampen vibrations, thus allowing for a smooth and safe ride. Moreover, the front shock absorber also dampens vibrations. Last but not least, the E-Scooter Joyor X1 White also features a practical kickstand.


    Technical description:

    Frame material

    Aerospace aluminum

    Engine power


    Revolutions per minute


    Maximum torque


    Maximum speed


    3 speed modes

    15/25/35kph (middle mode is most fuel-efficient)

    Cruise control


    Maximum slope



    Li-Ion 10Ah, 36V

    Distance range on single charge


    Charging to full capacity

    4-5 hrs


    Rear disc



    Tire size

    10" (25.4cm)

    Deck dimensions

    50 x 16.5cm

    Deck height (top)


    Deck height (bottom)


    Handlebar height

    90 - 115cm

    Handlebar width



    Front and rear, brake (powered by central battery)

    Scooter dimensions

    115 x 54 x 118cm

    Folded dimensions

    108 x 19 x 38cm

    Weight limit


    Recommended user weight

    Up to 85kg




    Folding mechanism, color display (powered by central battery), horn built into light, kickstand, front shock absorber, USB charging port

    Warning: Store the battery in a dry place and away from light, with room temperature between 10°C and 20°C. Before storing it for a longer period of time, charge the battery to full capacity. Repeat the process every month.