Jėgos maišas su rankenomis inSPORTline FitBag Camu 5kg

  • Kodas: 7024-17891
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    6 kg
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    Pristatymo data
  • The Exercise Bag with Handles inSPORTline Fitbag Camu 5kg is a multifunctional exercise accessory that will help you strengthen all your muscles. It is perfect for improving your power, speed, endurance, as well as explosive power. Moreover, it is also suitable for balance exercises. Its versatility makes this bag suitable for both professional and recreational athletes. The 7 strong handles offer a number of different grips, thus allowing for a variety of exercises, making the Exercise Bag with Handles inSPORTline Fitbag Camu 5kg also suitable for cross-training and circuit training. The durable PVC the bag is made of allows for a long service life. The handles are padded and large enough, thus allowing for a perfect grip. The quality workmanship and its versatility make the Exercise Bag with Handles inSPORTline Fitbag Camu 5kg a popular accessory suitable for fitness workout as well as strengthening all muscles groups.

    Technical description:

    • Multifunctional exercise accessory
    • Effective accessory that helps improve power, endurance and explosive power
    • 7 comfortable handles allow for variety of exercises
    • Durable material
    • Strong seams (both on bag and handles)
    • Suitable for squats, lunges, deadlift and other exercises
    • Also suitable for cross-training and circuit training
    • Weight: 5kg
    • Diameter: 25cm
    • Length: 63cm
    • Bag material: PVC
    • Filling :foam, sand