Kimštinis svorinis odinis medicininis kamuolys SportKO Medbol 10kg PRO

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    10 kg
    32 mm
    32 mm
    32 mm
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  • The Leather Medicine Ball SportKO Medbol 10kg is a premium medicine ball made of real leather, which – together with strong seams – makes it durable and allows for a long service life. Medicine ball is one of the oldest, but still frequently used, pieces of gymnastic equipment. It offers a wide range of exercises for a full body workout. You can do squats, sit-ups and all kinds of lunges and throws that will help you improve your explosive power. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor, commercial and non-commercial use, the Leather Medicine Ball SportKO Medbol 10kg is perfect for individual, pair and/or group training.

    Technical description:

    • High-quality medicine ball made of real leather
    • Strong seams
    • Suitable for full body workout
    • Wide range of exercises
    • Weight: 10kg
    • Diameter: 29cm
    • Material: real leather
    • Filling: crumb rubber
    • Suitable for commercial and non-commercial use
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use