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  • Kodas: 7845-8123
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    Likutis: 20 vnt.
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    1 kg
    24 mėn.
    16 mm
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  • Sports Watch inSPORTline Cord is a device for measuring and working with your heart rate frequency. The sports watch consists of durable and lightweight body with a silicone strap. Sports Watch inSPORTline Cord offers 3 heart rate zones: Intensity no. 1 (55-75% of maximum heart rate frequency) is for training to prevent cardiac diseases and to lose excess weight. Intensity no. 2 (70-80%) is for focusing on improving your endurance. Intensity no. 3 (80-100%) is for gaining excellent physical fitness and improving your muscle strength. Other advantages include resistance against splashing water or rain, back-lit display, audio and visual alarm or standard functions, such as displaying current time and date. Of course, there is also comfortable, extra thin chest strap included in the package. Thanks to all these features, and user-friendly interface, Sports Watch inSPORTline Cord is an ideal device for sports and outdoor activities, as well as casual use.

    Technical description:

    • Current time and date
    • Target heart rate zone – levels of intensity
    • Graphic depiction of maximum heart rate
    • Time adjustment
    • Heart rate control mode
    • Training data
    • Audio and visual alarm for the heart rate zone
    • Button for audio alarm
    • Back-lit display
    • Thin and comfortable chest strap
    • Large display
    • Chest strap included
    • Water resistance (real): 0 m (splashing water, rain)
    • Weight: 57 g
    • Suitable for all sports


    • Counting the number of calories burned
    • Switching between modes
    • Back-lit display
    • Parameter settings
    • Erase training data
    • Increasing parameter values
    • Heart rate control
    • Switching between sub-modes


    • Watch
    • Chest strap
    • Battery
    • Manual