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  • Wooden Parallel Bars inSPORTline Tsibic are a great accessory for your wall bars. You can use them to strengthen your arms, back and spinal muscles. The solid frame can withstand up to 100 kg. The parallel bars are easily hooked onto one of the bars. With the lower part braced, the bars are immediately ready for use. There is no need to screw anything and you can attach and remove the parallel bars at will. They are made of wood to complement and blend with the material of the wall bars. Wooden Parallel Bars inSPORTline Tsibic are the perfect accessory for strengthening your arms and back using your own weight. The product is suitable for home use.

    Technical description:

    • Parallel bars for wall bars
    • High-quality wood
    • Strong frame
    • Helps you effectively strengthen your arms and back
    • Easy installation
    • Width: 65 cm
    • Height: 65 cm
    • Weight limit: 100 kg
    • Weight: 6 kg
    • Material: beech wood