Fire Starter JuBö Buschcraft Firesteel Oak

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  • The Fire Starter JuBö Buschcraft Firesteel Oak is a reliable way to ignite paper or kindling in any weather. While matches can get wet, this fire starter will always work. The round oak handle allows for a perfect grip. The easy-to-use, massive, 8mm magnesium stick produces a large number of sparks and a temperature up to 3,500°C. Thanks to the leather cord, you can put the fire starter on your wrist or hang it up. The Fire Starter JuBö Buschcraft Firesteel Oak does not come with a scraper, all you have to do is strike it against a sharp edge (e.g. a knife blade or a sharp-edged stone). A fire starter is an ideal way to start a campfire or to ignite a camping stove. The Fire Starter JuBö Buschcraft Firesteel Oak is a perfect addition to any camping gear.

    Technical description:

    • Magnesium fire starter for easy ignition
    • Stained oak handle
    • Works in wet weather
    • Reliable way to ignite paper, wood or camping stove
    • Up to 20,000 ignitions
    • Temperature of up to 3,500°C
    • Hand made in the Czech Republic
    • Total length: approx. 120mm
    • Striking part length: approx. 70mm
    • Handle length: 50mm
    • Striking part diameter: 8mm
    • Handle diameter: 15mm
    • Price per piece