Šildomi marškinėliai T-Shirt Glovii GJ1 su baterija (iki 6val.) - Black XL

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    Kodas: 16861-GJ1XL
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  • The Heated Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Glovii GJ1 will keep you warm even during the coldest days. This T-shirt is the perfect bottom layer. It is suitable for both everyday and sports use (e.g. you can wear it on the slope). There are carbon fibers on the back and the waist, which provide the heating. These fibers not only provide even heat distribution, but also emit infrared rays which help improve blood circulation. They are extremely reliable and have a long service life. The 3 heating modes allow you to adjust to the current weather conditions. Stored in a zippered pocket, the rechargeable lithium battery can last as long as 6 hours. The Heated Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Glovii GJ1 is made of a comfortable, moisture wicking material, making it perfect for both home and sports use.

    Technical description:

    • Heated T-shirt
    • Even heat distribution
    • 3 heating modes
    • Battery stored in zippered pocket
    • Battery status indicator
    • Heater: carbon fiber, 9W
    • Battery: 2,600mAh (19.24Wh) Li-Polrechargeable
    • Modes: 33% (low), 66% (medium), 100% (high)
    • Battery life: 6h (low), 3h (medium), 2h (high)
    • Material: polyester, Spandex
    • Weight: 380g (without battery), 490g (with battery)
    • Battery and charger included

    Size chart:

    Note: Do not wash heated clothes in a washing machine. It is recommended to only clean the surface with a damp cloth and a small amount of cleaning product. In case more thorough cleaning is necessary, please secure and insulate the power cord. Never wash the product while the battery is connected.