Skersinis montuojamas prie sienos / sienelės inSPORTline LCR-1115

  • Kodas: 7371-18410
    9699 Sutaupykite 1000
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
    Likutis: 20 vnt.
    Į krepšelį 
    14 kg
    24 mėn.
    Pristatymo terminas
    1-3 d. d.
    Pristatymo data
  • The Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar inSPORTline LCR-1115 is a multi-purpose bar for strengthening your back through pull-ups and chin-ups. There are four anti-slip grips, providing you with more training options. The pull-up bar can be either mounted on a wall or attached to wall bars. It is made of high-quality chromed steel with resistant surface. 

    The weight limit of the bar is 150kg on wall bars and 200kg on a wall. Suitable for home or gym use, the Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar inSPORTline LCR-1115 is an ideal tool for exercising with your own weight.

    Technical description:

    • Wall-mounted pull-up bar suitable for home use
    • Can be attached to wall bars with horizontal diameter up to 3cm
    • Four anti-slip grips
    • Minimum space requirements
    • Strong and durable frame
    • Anchored with four screws on each side
    • Material: non-alloy steel with chromed surface
    • Bar length: 103cm
    • Base dimensions: 50 x 60cm
    • Distance between bar and wall: 41cm
    • Grip diameter: 25 mm
    • Weight limit: 150kg (wall bars), 200kg (wall)
    • Package dimensions:
      • 1. box: 54 x 64 x 5 cm
      • 2. box: 104 x 32 x 7 cm
    • Suitable for home use
    • Note: this pull-up bar is not suitable for inSPORTline Basicline wall bars