Šokdynė su guoliais reguliuojamo ilgio inSPORTline Jumpkamu (raudonas)

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    Kodas: 6687-16491-2
    1599 Sutaupykite 300
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
    Likutis: 20 vnt.
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    1 kg
    24 mėn.
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    1-3 d. d.
    Pristatymo data
  • The Jump Rope inSPORTline Jumpkamu is a workout accessory perfect for improving your fitness. The lightweight, ergonomic handles are covered with soft pads. Attached to the handles are metal swivel bearings with a tightening screw. Using the crew, you can adjust the length of the cord. The cord has a steel core which is covered with a rubber cover and removable end caps, which allow you to adjust the length of the jump rope. The Jump Rope inSPORTline Jumpkamu is extremely fast, which makes it perfect for endurance athletes, boxers and other athletes.

    Technical description:

    • Adjustable length
    • Steel cord protected by PVC cover
    • Swivel bearings for faster and smoother whip
    • Comfortable, ergonomic PP handles
    • Cord length: 300cm
    • Handle length: 13cm
    • Cord diameter: 4mm
    • Cord material: steel + PVC (cord cover)
    • Handle material: PP
    • Weight: 166g