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    Marbo Sport
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  • We present a new model of barbell stands from our Semi-Pro line.

    The stands are equipped with an 8-step height adjustment, enabling a very varied training of many muscle groups. The adjustment is based on a pressure knob and a steel locking pin, which ensures 100% stability of the entire structure.

    The fork cradles have rubber pads, thanks to which they suppress noise and absorb the impact of the neck during training. In addition, the stand also has rubber feet, which prevents scratching the floor.

    MS-S101 stands are intended for use alone or in sets with Marbo-Sport benches. Thanks to height adjustment, they are a universal tool for general training.

    See what exercises you will do with the MS-S101 stand

    • Slopes lying down head down
    • Torsion in the lying position
    • Pulling legs lying on an oblique bench


    Applied solutions

    Pressure knob

    MS-S101 stands are equipped with a pressure knob, which will stabilize the forks after setting the right height for your needs.

    Only such a construction will provide you with full safety during exercise and stability of your new equipment!

    Rubber cushioning

    Rubber shock absorbing covers, which we have equipped with products from the Semi-Pro line, are an unprecedented element in this price class of equipment!

    They ensure noiseless deposition of the bar during exercises and prevent destruction of the powder coating from the fork of the racks.

    Eight degrees of height adjustment

    The design of the racks allows you to adjust their position in eight levels in the range
    from 99 to 169 cm! This is especially important when squeezing in positive bevels, as it allows you to comfortably remove and put the neck on stands.

    Stable base

    What counts in the best quality stands is their stability.

    See how big the base of each stand is - it measures up to 50 x 41 cm. Thanks to such dimensions, you can be sure that the racks will always remain in place.

    Semi-Pro line - home use equipment

    The Marbo Semi-Pro series is targeted at demanding home users who value comfort and confidence in exercising.

    The strong 50x50x2 mm profile guarantees maximum structural strength and the use of thick pressure knobs and an excellent speciesupholstery in two colors leaves no doubt that we are dealing with the best quality equipment.

    Give up compromises and enjoy the pleasure of exercising!

    To ensure the safety of your customers, our equipment has been checked for safety and compliance with applicable standardsby the European Quality Center.

    The result of these tests are the Safety Certificate and Top Security Certificate that we received for devices from the Semi-Pro line.