Talpa vandeniui AceCamp 8L

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    Kodas: 16393-F1732-2018
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    Likutis: 20 vnt.
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  • The Jerrycan AceCamp 8l has a wide range of uses. Since it can be folded up, the jerrycan is easy-to-store and thus suitable for hiking and traveling. You may also appreciate the solid handle and practical tap for easy handling. The ribbed folding will come in handy during gradual water pumping, when it helps reduce its size. The Jerrycan AceCamp 8l is made of hard and durable plastic.

    Technical description:

    • Wide range of uses
    • Easy-to-store
    • Suitable for traveling, hiking, camping
    • Solid handle
    • Practical tap
    • Ribbed folding
    • Volume: 8l
    • Weight: 170g
    • Material: plastic (PET)