Traukimo rankena inSPORTline A423

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    Kodas: 4737-7170
    5399 Sutaupykite 1500
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    Likutis: 11 vnt.
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    3 kg
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  • Multi-Purpose Bar inSPORTline A423 is an optional accessory for all training equipment with an upper or lower pulley. The frame is made of durable steel, ensuring a long service life. There is an anti-slip pattern on the grips to make your hold on them firm and comfortable. This specifically shaped bar can be gripped in two ways, allowing for a wider range of available exercises. This way, you can strengthen your back muscles with an upper pulley or your biceps and triceps through rowing simulation on a lower pulley. The revolving centre ensures the movements are smooth and noiseless. All these attributes make Multi-Purpose Bar inSPORTline A423 a popular and sought-after item.

    Technical description:

    • An optional accessory for both an upper and lower pulley
    • High-quality manufacture
    • Great durability
    • Anti-slip grips
    • 2 possible grip positions
    • Revolving centre
    • Allows you to exercise otherwise inaccessible muscle areas
    • Dimensions: W 42 cm x L 21 cm x H 16.5 cm
    • Grip diameter: 35 mm
    • Material: steel
    • Suitable especially for back muscles, biceps and triceps