Triukinis paspirtukas su guoliais ABEC-9 (iki 100kg) Grit Tremor Black Red

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  • Suitable forboth beginners and advanced extreme sport lovers, the Freestyle Scooter Grit Tremor is an excellent scooter that is lightweight, durable, sturdy and, on top of all that, looks great. The high-quality, high-speed ABEC 9 bearings ensure a smooth ride with the wind in your hair. You may also appreciate the wider, 120mm PU rubber wheels. The integrated grinding rails will come in handy during tricks. The Freestyle Scooter Grit Tremor is suitable not only for freestyle riding both in skateparks and in the street, but also for everyday in-town riding.

    Technical description:


    • Tri-channel structure
    • Integrated encapsulated headset
    • Concave, 3°
    • Step-on flex brake
    • Integrated grinding rails
    • Suitable for 100mm, 110mm, 115mm and 120mm wheels
    • Material: aluminum, heat treated
    • Width: 12.1cm
    • Length: 50.5cm


    • Gritt battle
    • Soft rubber grips with plastic ends
    • Dual aluminum sleeve 
    • Material: aluminum
    • Outer diameter: 34.9mm
    • Height: 62cm
    • Width: 61cm
    • Material strength: T6


    • Single-piece
    • Threadless
    • Aluminum 
    • IHC nylon shim 
    • Compatible with 100mm, 110mm, 115mm and 120mm wheels


    • Diameter: 120mm
    • Material: PU
    • Rubber width: 28mm (also suitable for standard 24mm wheels)
    • Hardness: 88A
    • Bearings: ABEC 9


    • Minimum recommended user height: 160cm
    • Weight: 3,593kg
    • Weight limit: 100kg