Vaikiškas triratis 2in1 vežimėlis - dviratukas MamaLove Rider Blue

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    Pristatymo data
  • The Three-Wheel Stroller/Tricycle with Tow Bar MamaLove Rider is a unique vehicle suitable for children from 1 year of age. If your kids are little, you can use it as a stroller with an adjustable backrest, removable retractable roof and safety belt. In this mode, your child can put their legs on the removable leg supports. Moreover, the rotating seat (180°) allows you to keep an eye on your child at all times. The stroller comes with a telescopic tow bar with adjustable length, which you can use to control it. You may also appreciate the wheel lock and storage space at the bottom, which is perfect for holding your shopping bags, your child’s bag and/or your little one’s favorite toys. When your child is older, all you have to do is remove the roof and the protective frame with supports, thus turning a stroller into a tricycle. It is entirely up to you whether you will keep the tow bar attached or remove it (when you think your child is ready to ride on their own). With its wide range of uses, the Three-Wheel Stroller/Tricycle with Tow Bar MamaLove Rider will stay with your kid for several years.

    As the steel frame is solid and highly durable, you do not have to worry that it will get damaged. The Three-Wheel Stroller with Tow Bar MamaLove Rider features wheels of two sizes – 10” (the front wheel), 8” (the rear wheels). Made of PU rubber, the wheels ensure a comfortable ride and a long service life. Anti-slip rubber pedals on the front wheel make pedaling as natural as possible. Moreover, a simple pull on a lever disconnects the front wheel from the pedals, improving the child’s safety when pushed by the parent (the child can still pedal but does not control the tricycle). This three-wheeler also features a bell and a front basket, which is perfect for holding your valuables. The high quality materials, high safety and wide range of uses make the Three-Wheel Stroller with Tow Bar MamaLove Rider extremely popular among parents.

    Technical description:

    • Wide range of uses
    • PU rubber wheels
    • Removable telescopic tow bar
    • Rotating seat
    • Protective frame with safety belt
    • Removable retractable roof
    • Two removable leg supports
    • Storage space
    • Bell
    • Easy assembly
    • Dimensions: 100 x 47 x 100cm
    • Wheel size: 10” (front), 8” (rear)
    • Weight: 10kg
    • Weight limit: 25kg
    • Recommended age: 1 year
    • Meets European safety standards