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    Kodas: 7132-OPJM110
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    PJ Masks
    2 kg
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  • The Children’s Tri Scooter PJ Masks is a stable and safe scooter with three wheels for better stability. This is an extremely lightweight scooter with no sharp edges which features a large, anti-slip deck, thus providing maximum safety. The adjustable handlebar height and comfortable PVC handlebar grips make this scooter suitable for 2+-year-old children (depending on their height). Its ‘cool’ design makes the Children’s Tri Scooter PJ Masks a perfect gift for every PJ Masks fan.

    Technical description:

    • Stable scooter with three wheels
    • Durable steel structure
    • Minions printing on handlebars and deck
    • Anti-slip deck
    • PVC handlebar grips
    • Recommended minimum user height: 90cm
    • Front wheel: PVC 135mm
    • 2 rear wheels: PVC 115mm
    • Length: 58.5cm
    • Handlebar height: 59 – 64m
    • Weight limit: 20kg
    • Recommended age: 2+